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Filthy Human Men's Handmade Soap - USDA Certified Organic
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USDA Certified Organic "Filthy Human" Bar Handsoap    Your dirty hands don't stand a chance against this hand soap packed with exfoliants to clean the dirtiest paws. Exfoliants include ground apricot kernels and coffee to help get out the dirt from digging in the yard or other hard work and has a nice clean lemon scent. This is not a body bar, only use it on your hands or your skin will hate you. This is the best masculine hand soap! It cleans off the grim but doesn't dry your hands.   Features:Essential Oils like lemon and orange great for cutting grease and dirt Packed with ground apricot kernels and ground coffee to scrub off the worst ground in dirt Great for gardeners and mechanics and anyone who gets their hands really dirty  (One of our top purchasers of this soap is a clay artist who buys wholesale 5 bar sets with no labels from us because she uses this soap to clean her hands after working with clay.)   Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower
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