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Green Thumb Men's Handmade Soap - Organic
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Our Organic Green Thumb soap has a  strong and clean scent for those who love working in the yard and garden or those who don’t get their pastey selves out much but like the smell of fresh greenery!  Natural chlorophyll and fresh organic ingredients give this bar it's rich green color. The healthiest soap you can buy is organic and all natural.    This bar is 85% organic and while all other bars made just like it are USDA Certified Organic the presence of chlorophyll for color that hasn't been evaluated YET by the USDA makes this one unable to be certified but it's still organic and made with great stuff. We make it in our same mold style and size as we do the certified organic because we are hoping once the USDA approves chlorophyll as a natural colorant we will be all set to go with it!    Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower
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